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Hot Topic: Crazy about Coachella - Hair + Makeup Guide

Crazy about Coachella – Hair + Makeup Guide

We’ve rounded up the festival make-up ideas you could, and should, be working when you're rocking around a field, sipping gin and juice, feeling like…

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All in Pantone

Pantone Color of the Year.

Pantone has chosen a tone as the trend color of the year, which has nothing to do with its predecessor: Ultra Violet is refined, provocative and mystical - and leaves…

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Health + Wellness

Muscle Pain - What Helps?

Sitting in front of screens for a long time, gardening, a long drive by car - there are many reasons why at  the end of the day your back, shoulders and muscles can ache…

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Diversion Of Beauty Products

Diversion of Beauty Products is not a beautiful thing

The term "diversion" has several meanings, the most popular being a distraction, or a detour. When it comes to beauty products, however, …

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New Product

BODIPURE® Keratin Gloves® and Socks

The first waterless, all-in-one manicure-pedicure treatment

Keratin Gloves® and Socks moisturizes …

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