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Pout on Point

Pout on Point

Project Lip – whether it’s properly matte, mirrored, or majorly metallic, The Comb Magazine has the latest looks based on the newest offerings from the catwalk!

Sassy and Glassy

Dewy skin has now shifted to the lips. Rihanna added gloss to every model’s lips at her Spring 2018 show for Fenty x Puma and we’ve been obsessed ever since! The best thing is that this look suits ALL. You can wear a clear gloss alone for instant shine, or layer it with your favorite lipstick for extra dimension. Tip – if you want more volume, use a special gloss that stimulates the lips and thus provides an additional boost effect.

Makeout Lips

There are many who say that lipstick looks the best long after it has been applied – soft around the edges and worn just in the right places. There’s something cool about the blurry faded look and we are digging it because it is very easy to achieve – instead of a bold, bright hue, all is needed is a lipstick shade that enhances your natural lip color… #youwokeuplikethis.

Peach Please       

Peach tones are all over the Spring 2018 runway shows, and it’s no wonder why. This shade compliments any eye look, from glittery gold goddess to pantone’s ultra-violet shade that is off the scale sexy right now. You can also keep it natural and pair it with a matching peach blush. Not feeling a satin finish? Then a creamy matte lipstick feels like butter on the lips and never looks patchy or dry.

Metallic Lipstick

The practical alternative to last year’s glitter lips: meet metallic. Still sassing around in shimmer, but without leaving a trail of sparkle on your office desk. The nineties beauty trend didn't exactly leave a lasting impression. Nevertheless, the look is coming back with a vengeance as every beauty brand, from designer to drugstore, has released some version of the foiled finish this season. Lighter skin tones should go for a champagne pink, and darker shades should opt for a darker pink or rose-gold hue. The shine weaves an optical illusion that your lips are naturally pillow plush, and just slightly fuller than normal.

Matte Mode- ON!

For this look it’s all about going for a bold shade – the easiest way to add color to your look, 80’s inspired brights are a sure-fire way to get you noticed on a night-out. To complement the warmth of your skin tone, match another undertone of lipstick before your main coat – whether that’s orange before red, or pink before purple, layering up not only keeps your color well set, it also allows you to bring out the best of your skin tone! Top tip: keep all other makeup simple. Look for a matte or semi matte shade with no shimmer unless you are actually en route to a Goth ball.

Of course, the classic red is a trend that never fades, but why not opt for a punchy purple lip? After all, cool grape and smoky amethyst go with pretty much every skin tone!


General Maintenance

Keeping lips soft and smooth, especially in-between seasons is often a tough task. From keeping toasty in the office to braving the commute home, our lips are often exposed to harsh weather conditions which can leave them feeling chapped and sore. Make sure that in between makeup looks you lather on some lip balm to maintain optimum moisture levels and prevent them from drying out. It helps for an even application of product too – look for products with a waxy texture that can give the lip color something to cling onto. And where would we be without maintaining our smile? Using a whitening toothpaste or kit is a sure fire way to compliment your lip look and boost your confidence.


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