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Hot Topic: Mother's Day Guide

Oh Mama! Mother's Day Guide

Any plan that involves a morning or afternoon of mother daughter time is always special for various reasons. For those who have not yet chosen their gift, it's time to pick up pen and paper and write down one of the following proposals…

Why beauty?

At the time of choosing that gift with which to surprise her, beauty occupies a primordial place, because all mothers love to take care of themselves and look beautiful (when they get the time!). To celebrate Mother's Day, many cosmetic companies launch special editions of their products and packs with beautiful toiletry pouches or bags…now who can’t resist that?!

Face up to the challenge

Creams that are treasures that contain several technologies, (be it DNA, Retinol or vitamins) to fight wrinkles, loss of firmness and spots. Night is the best time to recharge the skin's batteries, as our body goes into repair mode, fixing damage caused during the day and ensuring we wake up looking refreshed and our beautiful best. Make it a unique moment with specialized night creams.  Facial and body, lipstick, eye shadows and other cosmetics, beauty gadgets…the options are endless when it comes to color cosmetics. A new lipstick shade or nail polish can evoke new emotions and provide a new outlook on life – you could even take your mother to a beauty bar to get a professional to match her new shades she never would have chosen for herself!

Food and flowers in beauty?

When we think about traditional gifting, flowers and fancy food is always a good idea! But what about incorporating this into something longer lasting? A body cream with rose or lavender, for example, can linger on your skin for hours on end – giving out a relaxing feeling long after its application. A good cream, a treatment or a day of relaxation can become a perfect gift for all those who make their body, their temple. Hand and foot creams, muscle lotions and potions and masks are all a great way to focus on the areas which are often forgotten about. Caring for yourself is essential to age well, and any woman should have this as a motto! If there is something that you notice with the passage of time, it is that there is nothing like making time for yourself. A few simple minutes are enough to leave the long day behind and relax.

Find your way in Fragrance

The options are endless and to help you in your choice we propose a selection of perfumes, where you will find classics, new releases and limited editions of fragrances with which you will surely get the Mother's Day. Treat your number one to something a little different – tonka bean, cardamom and orange blossom are all topping the trending list, as are amber and cedar for those who love musk! You could even get her a subscription service where she receives a new scent to try every month – the options are literally, endless. Candles are also a great way for mothers to unwind after a long day – paired with some bath salts; you could create the perfect chillout zone for the bathroom, something she’d probably never have done for herself.
Whatever gift you choose, there is always a way to show how truly grateful we are for all the love and support our mothers have given us, teaching us the ways and pushing us to be our very best – even if that means to give you a bit of a push you always needed. Our mothers really are our hero!


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