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July 6, 2016

Alaska S.B. 165 - state Boards of Cosmetology

Sponsor: Senator Peter Micciche (R)

Summary: Current version (6/13/2016): Establishes that the Alaska State Board of Barbers and Hairdressers is to consist of seven members one of which is to be a licensed barber, one licensed to practice manicuring and one licensed to practice any activity ordained by the Board.

Click Here for Full Text of Bill (Current version 6/13/2016)

Adopted amendment (6/13/2016)

Status: Introduced; referred to Senate Labor and Commerce Committee 2/1/2016. Hearing cancelled 2/11/2016. Hearing held 2/23/2016. Hearing held; substituted; passed committee; referred to Senate Judiciary Committee 3/8/2016. Hearing cancelled 3/23/2016. Hearing held; substituted; passed committee 3/28/2016. Passed Senate; referred to House Labor and Commerce Committee 4/8/2016. Hearing held; substituted; passed committee 4/13/2016. Amended; Passed House 3/17/2016. Senate Concur 4/22/2016. Amended 6/13/2016. Sent to Governor Bill Walker (I) 6/20/2016.

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