The Comb Magazine

Wholesale Terms and Condition

Qualifications: You must have an established brick and mortar store to purchase wholesale. If you do not own a physical store, you are prohibited from purchasing wholesale.

Please note that we do not sell to web-based stores. If you have purchased wholesale from us in the past and have been selling the magazine on your website without having a physical business, you are prohibited from placing future orders.

Selling The Comb Magazine on e-Bay, Amazon, or any other online site is strictly prohibited. However, if you own a brick and mortar business and also have a business website, you are allowed to sell the magazine on your website. We feel that this is very unfair to our shop owners if we allow others to sell strictly off their websites without having a physical business.

We require a valid Tax ID # or Resale Permit for wholesale customers. 

This is partial terms and conditions. More details by downloading the wholesale contract here.

THE COMB Magazine Wholesale
Minimum of 10
Magazines for wholesale.
NOTE: Wholesale Contract
MUST be submitted before
payment is accepted.